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I coach grad students and other scientists to regain the confidence that academia often beats out of us. 

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Need an engaging speaker to discuss confidence? I talk openly about learning from failure and how I used radical self-acceptance to love myself.

Not a grad student or scientist? Tell me what you're looking for and I can tell you if I can be helpful to you. It was a startling revelation when I realized that losing 100 pounds didn't help me love my body but I did manage to finally do the impossible and learn to feel comfortable in my skin. I'd love to help you with your body image.

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I really enjoyed Masha's Imposter Syndrome workshop! It was great to see that other people had similar worries about their ability to succeed in grad school and Masha's activities helped me explore my own strengths/weaknesses.
-Emily P

I started out my grad school career with a wonderful talk by Masha on impostor syndrome. It was structured in a way that made it really comfortable to talk about an uncomfortable topic. It felt really good knowing, anonymously, that my peers shared many of the same fears and insecurities that I did. Highly recommend.

-Tim S


"Masha's Imposter Syndrome Workshop was a wonderful experience at the beginning of my Ph.D. to show that none of us are alone in having insecurities about doing well in graduate school. I hope she continues to give this workshop to incoming graduate students!"
-Brooke A.

Masha gave a great workshop on imposter syndrome! I learned a lot and she made it fun and interactive. The best part was that I came away with a bunch of real practical tips for handling stress and overcoming imposter syndrome in grad school. Would highly recommend this workshop to anyone in grad school!
-Ailie F.

I attended an Imposter Syndrome & Stress in Grad School Workshop run by Masha, and it was educational, entertaining, and optimistic. I'm glad I went and would definitely recommend her seminars to anyone interested in these topics!
-Amelia R.